The O’Dell Difference

Your Elevated Living Experience by O’Dell

O’Dell’s unique home building formula and conscientious approach to construction give rise to a house measurably better than its peers. These ends, some of which are met in the earliest stages of design and construction and cannot be retrofit, ensure that your home performs at the highest level, affording you the greatest comfort.
The difference is in the engineering of the walls, in the insulation, and in the household systems.

O’Dell’s investment in your home’s infrastructure is quantifiably proven by third party testing to SAVE YOU MONEY on energy costs. Every. Single. Year. O’Dell’s investment also enhances your daily living experience by providing you with premium control over your interior environment. This is modern living at its finest.

The Walls

Introducing your superior exterior walls – not just one, but two walls framed side by side with a 1” air gap between them. This 1” air gap eliminates the loss of heating/cooling through the single wood stud of a typical house while also providing remarkable soundproofing.

The Insulation

O’Dell magnifies the power of his homes’ double thick exterior walls by packing them with spray foam insulation. Spray foam insulation virtually eliminates the air leaks responsible for the massive loss of heating/cooling in a typical house by sealing gaps and cracks. In fact, O’Dell wraps the entire structure of his homes in spray foam insulation to fully maximize your energy efficiency.

Household Systems

O’Dell installs high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment and zero-leak ductwork, increasing your home’s performance even further. O’Dell homes are also supplied with energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) which continuously pull fresh air into your home through the HVAC system.

O’Dell installs on-demand tankless hot water heaters which heat the water as you use it. This not only ensures that you have an endless supply of hot water at any given time, but also that you will not pay to keep a tank of water heated.

And if that’s not enough, O’Dell supplies your home with LED lamps which use less electricity, produce less heat, and last much longer than a conventional bulb so that you can realize lifetime savings.

All Without Compromise

Your home by O’Dell is custom designed by a team of seasoned industry professionals and is unique to its site. The care taken to engineer and build O’Dell’s energy 3.0 certified homes is the same care taken at every step of construction, from site grading down to the last artfully placed perennial.

Third Party Testing

The proof is in the numbers. O’Dell’s pilot house scored a 17 on the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) which represents its being 83% more efficient than the standard new construction home. If you assume that annual energy bills for the average 5000SF house are $14,000, then this home saves $11,620 YEAR AFTER YEAR. While your own savings will vary, O’Dell can guarantee a superlative energy efficiency rating for homes employing the standards which make up the O’Dell Difference.